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Tzotzil Kimono

Tzotzil Kimono


The Tzotzil Kimono is a 100% eco-friendly handmade Kimono made by the designer herself. This is a really special piece and each one will look a bit different because of the eco-printing.


The Kimono is made of a 100% linen that has been printed and colored in two natural processes.


Step one: Printing the fabric

 In the fabric you can find some elements of plants which are a reference to the Mexican Jungle. The prints are made of plants from our own garden (ferns and other leaves). Printed with an eco-printing technique.


Step two: Coloring the fabric

After the fabric is printed, it has a dirty brown look so we color it once more with natural ingredients. For our coloring process we use avocado skins and stones. This process also takes 24 hours, just like the eco-printing.


It is a whole process to make this sustainable kimono and it is all hand made. The natural coloring and printing makes this piece very special and unique.

If you place your order, and we don't have a kimono in stock it can take a bit longer for you to receive it because of the long process.

The linen fabric is a leftover fabric. For the print and color we only used natural ingredients.

Handmade in Belgium by the designer herself

100% Linen

Wash by hand, you can iron the fabric but do not bleach or dry 

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