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You want to send somebody a smile?

Is it your best friends birthday or you just simply want to suprise someone?


Here's a Tierra Lina gift card.


1.Choose your amount. For an other amount than the ones you can choose  please email us so we can make a gift card of your choice:

2. Go to your shopping bag and here you can 'add a note'. Let us know who you are and to who you are sending the gift. If you want to ship it directly to the person you want to suprise, you can also add a personal message right here. We will write it down on a postcard for you.

3. Now go to checkout. You have two options to choose your adress: You can fill in the address of the woman you want to suprise and we ship it directly to her! Or we send it to your house so you can give the gift card in person. 

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