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What does self love mean to you?

Being proud of myself. Feeling strong because I feel good. Taking care of myself and my body. Doing what I love to do.

When do you feel the most attractive?

Being self-confident makes me feel attractive.
When I finish a great pole dance class (as well as a teacher as when being a student), it always gives me a lot of self-confidence. After training, I feel attractive as well because I can see how a lot of training makes my body more toned and stronger.

When did you start to pole dance?

I took my first pole class 7 years ago, in 2012, when a friend asked me to join a group activity for fun. Pole dance gave me instantly a feeling of female power, since you can make it your personal thing and have your own style. People can go for crazy powermoves, a beautiful flow and hang upside down, and at the same time they will feel strong, sexy en sensual. The thing about pole dancing is that still not everyone believes it is very athletic. I want to show them that it is a very technical sport as well, and thus prove them wrong.

What do you like the most while pole dancing?

Spinning pole and exotic pole, mostly because they make you feel so elegant. For me pole dancing is all about creating beautiful lines and feeling myself feminine & strong.

What is your favorite Tierra Lina set?

I love this dark colored Havana set. Since I prefer to wear dark colors plus the design emphasizes the strength of my body, and I like that.

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