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Of which part of your body are you the proudest?

I’m happy with everything, it’s really hard to choose one body part. You only have this body so you don’t have to be proud of only one part. You need to accept everything and love it fully.


What makes you smile?

Small things in life, going for a cup of coffee in the sun or chilling with my boyfriend in our sofa. Also pole dancing off course, and teaching, I love to teach. Because when I'm teaching I really know that I mean something to other people.

What was the feeling you had during your first pole experience?

When I got home after my first pole dance class, I was trying to do the turns that I've learned in my head. I was practicing everything without a pole. I started to search a lot of things about pole dancing.

I just really love the challenge of pole dancing. You see someone doing something really pretty and you just  want to be able to do that yourself.

What is your goal in pole dancing at this moment?

I wanted to enter the world cup. But when I did the Belgian Championship this year, I was so stressed out that I had enough of the competitive pole dancing. I really had the feeling I wanted to explore my body more in movements and dancing. When I was practicing the Belgian championship I was doing everything really technical and that's what I didn't like about it. I want to focus on my creativity and the flow. I'm looking for my own style so I want to work more on the creativity then on the difficult exercises.

What's your favorite Tierra Lina set?

It's hard to choose because they all are so beautiful. But for the shoot I chose the Cienfuegos set because I think it matches my style.

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