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What does ‘selflove’ mean to you?

Evelien: Selflove means literally loving yourself. Accepting who you are with all your flaws and talents. Who your are is unique and that is beautiful.

Fiona: I would like to add with making free time for yourself. To love yourself it is important to regularly make time for yourself. A day going all the way with the flow, without obligations or expectations. Laying in bed just a bit longer, and really taking your time in the bathroom, testing out your new products, sporting, going out for dinner…


What makes you happy?

Evelien: A lot of things make me happy. I love to do my job, especially because I do this together with my sister. We are an inseparable duo. We give each other energy and complement each other perfectly.  In addition, our passion is our work. Amazing, right?!

Fiona: I share Evelien her opinion. I also love to do what I do. It is our passion, our motivation and waking up for this every day, that is amazing. But there is much more that makes me happy, it’s all in the small things: a nice talk with a friend, a delicious mocktail or cocktail, laying in the sun or a fresh cleaned house. Crazy, isn’t it?


What was your childhood dream?

Evelien: My childhood dream was for sure getting a medal at a European or World championship Sports Aerobics. At my personal highlight I had to undergo a knee surgery so I couldn’t do competitions anymore. When my twin sister, Fiona, in that same year achieved bronze at the European championship in Poland, I became so full of happiness, almost as I did it together with her.

Fiona: I had the same childhood dream as Evelien. For years Evelien and I did international competitions of Sports Aerobics. It was really weird in 2019 to do this without Evelien (because of her surgery). I told myself to just give all I can and enjoy it a 100%. I think this helped me to achieve this dream. An incredibly, wonderful moment I will never forget.

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What goal you’d like to achieve at this moment?

Evelien: Fiona and I recently started Sports District. I think for the both of us we can say that we want this to grow and make it a successful story in the European group fitness.

Fiona: Absolutely.


What is your favorite Tierra Lina set and why?

Evelien: One of my favorite Tierra Lina sets is without a doubt the Ubud Bralette and panty because they feel extremely comfortable! From the new collection I’m in love with the Chontal top and Tzeltal Briefs.

Fiona: I’m totally in love with the Tojo set! Really special shorts with fun, bright colors that bring my imagination right to beautiful, hot countries. Also the top is very lovely, it feels good to be completely matchy!

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