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Tierra Lina is an eco friendly Belgian pole wear and lingerie brand, designed by a young woman with a passion for pole dance and fashion.


Tierra Lina pole wear and lingerie design is made as a second skin for the female body. It feels super soft and comfortable, it’s all a woman needs to feel beautiful and sexy. The brand is focussed  on design and comfort for women who like to pole dance or just walk around in style.

The fabrics are high quality leftovers from the best fabric manufacturers in the world. These companies create fabrics for designer brands, but sometimes they make too much and that’s when they got leftovers. Instead of throwing these away we are still using them so there is 0% of waste. This is also the reason that we can’t choose the quantity of the production. We are using all the fabrics to make as many pieces as possible.


My name is Lina,

I’m the founder and designer of Tierra Lina pole wear and intimates design. I’m a Belgian woman of 23 who fell in love with lingerie during my studies of fashion. I was addicted to lingerie and the sexiness of the female body, so I decided to do an education of lingerie design.


I’ve been pole dancing for over 6 years now, it really became part of my life, part of who I am, so that’s why I started with not only a lingerie but also a pole wear collection.

I’m very adventurous, love to travel and to discover the world. This is my biggest inspiration, all the different cultures I see and the beautiful nature of this planet. My collections are named by countries and places that I’ve been to and gave me a lot of ideas.

I keep on traveling and will always go to new places, you've never seen everything you know. This is what keeps me creative. 

There is always a new adventure, a new story waiting for you. Don't forget that.


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