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Ecofriendly Belgian polewear and intimates brand

Mexico, what a beautiful country, so much history!

If you think of Mexico, you think of the old maya's, you think of chichén itzá and all those beautiful empires that are still standing. Unbelievable that they could build all those temples and pyramids so long ago.

But the most impressive thing I saw in Mexico? That were the Maya people we visited. They live completely different from the Mexicans, they have their own laws and government, the Mexican police doesn't even come to their villages.

They still wear beautiful, traditional clothing full of color and flowers. All woven and embroidered by hand. How they live, how they pray, their traditions... I saw things I will never forget.

I became so inspired by those people that i didn't want to design a collection based on Mexico, but based on the Mayan people who are living in Mexico.


The Yucatan collection is as colorful as the Mayan people are in their traditional clothing.

Every set is named after a Mayan folk.

The pattern of the printed fabrics shows elements of plants, flowers and jaguars. This all based on the Mexican jungle where old Mayan cities are still hidden.


The fabrics that we use are high quality recycled fabrics and leftovers from the best fabric companies in the world.

We make sure that there won't be any waste.

We create a new product the best eco-friendly way that won't have any negative effects on our planet.


You look gorgeous today.

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Have you already read about our new Tierra Lina women?

The wonderful young artist Shirley who paints the most beautiful portraits.

And the lovely twin sisters Fiona and Evelien who have created their own businesses together.

Go shop their favorites here!

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Tzotzil Kimono

This Kimono can't be any more eco-friendly.

It is made out of a leftover 100% linen fabric that has been eco-printed with plants and colored with avocado skins and stones.

The Kimonos are all made by hand by the designer herself, like the coloring and the eco-printing were she uses plants from the garden.


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